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What we do.

We create customised content, strategically designed to create the connections you need to reach your business goals. Specifically, we help brands build video campaigns that allow them to tell their story, engage with their customers and attract the people they need to grow their business. Using the ultimate marketing tool of video, we make sure our clients get all the outcomes of having an in-house content production team, without the hassle.

Why we do it.

We love creative problem solving and bringing people together. At the very core of what we do is our desire to make an impact, by telling the stories that matter. 

How we do it.

We produce strategically customised video content that:

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    Tells your story

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    Showcases your value

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    Starts new conversations

Bring your story to life.

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    Strategy Session


    Know what your story is, who needs to hear it, and how it needs to be told. Our complimentary content strategy sessions are designed to help you achieve this by taking the time to understand and define your brand and business goals. We help you to clarify your target market and identify what opportunities there are to engage with your target audience/s. 

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    Customised Package


    Working backwards from your business goals, we will review and create a content plan with video package options tailored just for you. Our goal is always to ensure every video we produce serves a purpose and can be used across multiple channels and marketing campaigns. 

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    Make Something Great!


    This is where we bring your ideas and story to life! Our creative team will work with you to organise the shoots and make sure everything runs smoothly during your content creation on the day.


Brand Storytelling

Video is the best way to show who you are and why what you do matters. Use brand storytelling to connect with more people.

Thought Leadership

Position yourself as a thought leader in your space and industry. Elevate your brand and the people in your business by building trust.

Explainer & Product

Show your customers the value you bring via video walkthroughs of your products or explainers for your services.

Educational & Training

Looking to breathe life into your training material? Have ideas for an online training course? Make these ideas a reality.

Commercial & Advertising

Leverage storytelling to produce high-end short or long-form advertising content to suit all networks or applications.

Custom Package

Everything is customisable. Talk to us about a customised package which suits your business' goals.

Let's connect and get creative.

Contact Us

Ben Ashmole

Creative Director | Connect Creative

phone:  0439 822 212

email: hello@connectcreative.co

Laura Gervais

Managing Director | Connect Creative

phone:  0447 222 326

email:  hello@connectcreative.co

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